Bill O’Reilly Comes Forward, Sends Stormy Daniels Scurrying Back Under Rock She Crawled From

Bill O’Reilly does not suffer fools. Never has and never will. Like most Americans, Bill has been suspicious of the motives behind Mrs. Clifford’s attacks against President Trump.

The obvious answer is usually the correct one but Daniels and her lawyer have denied the charges that her motives are not pure.

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And then Saturday night happened.

In case you missed it Stormy removed all doubt behind her true motive with an appearance on Saturday Night Live.

The show brought out a long list of anti-Trump celebrities to bash the President with Stormy coming out last to try to save the bit.

Didn’t work. But she did reveal what she is after and Bill O’Reilly quickly called her out for it.


There is something wrong in this country when a person like Stormy Daniels can go on a national TV program and be applauded by a live audience.


What exactly are these people celebrating?   

It doesn’t matter whether you approve of President Trump or not.  He’s currently in charge of the country and Ms. Daniels is making his job much harder.  And for what?  Could it be money?  She’s already been paid for her alleged tryst but apparently wants more cash and notoriety.  Again, why is that worthy of applause?

Americans knew about Donald Trump’s social resume when the election was held.  What we didn’t know was the intensity of the media hatred toward the man.  That loathing has emboldened people to attack the President on every level.  Is this also something to be applauded?  Is this a good thing for America?

Well said Bill, it also should be mentioned that Trump has racked up an impressive wave of policy wins – trade with China, North Korea, economy – despite the efforts to stop him.