THIS IS AWESOME! Patriot’s Owner Just Gave Trump The BEST GIFT Ever!

Just moments ago, President Trump hosted the Superbowl 51 champion New England Patriots on the South Lawn of the White House to congratulate them on their historic victory.  However, it’s what the Patriots gave President Trump that has everyone talking! 

Right after President Trump, Patriot’s owner Robert Kraft, and Patriot’s coach Bill Belichick gave a few brief words, coach Belichick presented Trump with a great surprise! (Video Below)

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his very own #45 TRUMP PATRIOTS JERSEY (FOR THE 45th president) and A HELMET

SOURCE: Twitter

How cool!  This was Mr. Kraft and coach Belichick’s token of appreciation to President Trump for their decades long friendship. WATCH and then SHARE ON FACEBOOK if you support President Trump and to congratulate the New England Patriots!