IT’S OVER: After Attacking Trump For Months, CNN Just Got The Worst News Ever

Since Trump was sworn in, CNN has made it their daily goal to destroy his Presidency. Despite having no evidence, they have obsessed over Trump’s possible “collusion” with Russia during the 2016 election. They think the American people are starting to believe this Trump-Russia nonsense. 

Well, CNN just got some terrible news that nobody saw coming. 

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A new Bloomberg Poll and Media Research Center Study show that CNN is falling because of their constant Russia coverage. This chart shows what Americans care about in brown, and the % of media coverage in blue. The media is spending 75% of their time on Russia despite only 6% of Americans caring about it. 

SOURCE: Bloomberg/MRC

Just last week, Trump Advisor Sebastian Gorka informed told this CNN host have fallen all the way down to 13th because people don’t care about Russia. The host responded by calling him a liar, but these new numbers prove he is 100% correct. SHARE this on Facebook if you stand with Trump against the LIBERAL media!

Just take a look at how much the mainstream media has obsessed over the Trump-Russia “investigation”